Oil palm farming is a very profitable agricultural business in Nigeria if you invest in it and wait patiently after its planting. It will start yielding after three to four years it has been planted.

What are the things you need to start Palm Oil Business?

To start oil palm business in Nigeria requires huge amount of money like 1million naira above excluding land money. Buying of land in the village is better than the town because of the high cost of the money. 

1. Land Planning 

Get a land at a less developed village, at least 10 hectare of land which you can get for 1 million

Get the land

Survey the land

Purchase a land with sandy loamy soil with pH of 5.0-7.0 acidity

You can clear the land with machine or the usage of man power. Planting of other agricultural produce like plantain, cassava or corn on the land is not a bad idea before the palm start closing canopies that's from the 7th or 9th year. And also creating of pathway for easy movement of crops and palms. 

And also make sure you peg the land for planting, use the 9m by 9m standard spacing recommended by NIFOR ( Nigeria Institute For Oil Palm Research)  either straight or triangular method of planting. 

2. Seedling.

Seedling is the process of growing or raising a young plants from a seed and not from a cutting. 

There are three types of Seed.




Tenera is a genus of moth in the family of Gelechiidae, Tenera is more preferable because it start it yielding after three years of planting with good management and with adequate water, and the bunches will increase more from 8th and 9th year. Use 9m by 9m for planting, you can use 8m by 8m or 7m or 7m but the recommended planting space by NIFOR is 9m by 9m for good yield of the palm. Apply fertilizers after three months of planting.

Dura are seeds with two "thick shell genes" will grow into palms which produce fruits with a thick shell.

Pisifera are seeds with two "no shell genes" will grow into palms that produce no shell fruit.

3. Harvesting.

Harvesting start after three years of planting and depending on the type of seed you plant at times and the season, so the harvesting happens at different year. Planting can be done anytime but if is the period of low rainfall, the provision of water for the palm will be done by you. 

4. Pest.

Pest are of different type, some are Aphids, Meal-bug, Caterpillars, Termites, Nematodes are some of the pest and Freckles, Vascular wilt are some of the diseases of the palm to look after, use pesticides. 

5. Clearing/Weeding.

It can be done twice in a year, using mower, machine or man power for the clearing. 

6. Profitability.

There is a lot of profit in the business, everything about palm tree is nothing but money, a mature palm fruit produce 5 tons of red palm oil annually per hectare, while supergene produces 7 tons and above. From this comes a lot of money not to talk of the other commodities you can still get money from, such as the residue of processed palm fruit which can be use for fuel and fertilizers for crops. The back of the palm fond is use for weaving basket, hat and others, also the palm fond leaves can be use for broom. And more produce can be get from palm, nothing is a waste and everything about it is a money. 

The risk that can be encountered is fire outbreak which could destroy the crops and investment, but when the needful is done, there won't be any problem. 

With all these aforementioned, it could be seen that palm oil is a very profitable agricultural business if patient could be exercise.

Thanks for reading.

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