Introduction To Copywriting.

Copywriting that focuses on selling product and service. It deals with what to sell to people rather than content writing that deals with how to inform people about a product. It has a model called loops model, it is used by copy writers to draws you to buy a product or service. It is used to convince people on a product. People value the benefits than the features, so in copywriting, the benefit (sizzle) is sell rather than the feature (steak).

Advertising is very important, a well advertised product with copywriting must entails five component which are; Headline, it makes people see what you are selling. The importance of a great headline cannot be overemphasized, because a catchy headline makes the readers to have energy to read further.

Sub headline is the next, the same energy in headline should be put to it as well. The third one is body copy, where you talk about the benefits of your product /service and reasons they should buy it by showing why the product is different from the rest including testimonials, and also introduce offer to them. It must be sweet to make it irresistible like huge discounts, easy payment, free trial etc.

Also, introducing bonuses will cheer people up. Guarantee is the fourth component, giving them assurance to return the product if is not good, it makes people have a rest and trust in the product, especially, if is a high price product.

The last one is Action, where you tell the reader the exact action to take if he/she wants to buy the product and how to make the pay and getting the product. Forgetting to create a sense of urgency doesn't help in a business, because, people don't like to take action on time, if you tell them the product is about to finish, it will create sense of urgency whereby, they will demand for it on time.

Having an effective copywrite, readers must be put at first, usage of short sentences, going straight to the points, using of simple words and make sure the writing is captivating to caught the attention of the readers.

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